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Since their launch in 1988 CDLs (Career Development Loans) have boosted the careers of tens of thousands of people. Men and women from a diverse range of employment and educational  backgrounds - unemployed, self-employed and employed - have gained an advantage from this learning investment aid. For some, using a CDL has opened a window of opportunity to a whole new career. For others it has resulted in additional qualifications and better prospects within their elected field.

In a nutshell, a CDL is a bank loan with a deferred repayment which enables people to finance vocational learning or education.

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The loan can be anything between £300 and £8,000 and it helps you pay for up to two years of learning in addition to, if applicable, a year of practical work experience where this is integral to the course.

It is the DfES (The Department for Education and Skills) which pays the interest on the loan during the time that you're learning plus for up to one month longer. If you terminate the course in advance of the agreed date, the repayment holiday will finish up to one month following the last day of your training.

From then on, you pay back the bank loan over an agreed time and at a rate of interest that is fixed.

There are three high street banks who offer CDLs: Barclays, The Royal Bank of Scotland and the Co-operative. Being an existing account holder is not a pre-requisite although the bank may insist that you open a new account with them.

The Lifelong Learning website has all the information  you need to know concerning  Career Development Loans. You should spend time reading it carefully before you make a decision as to whether or not a CDL is the right course of action for you.

If you decide to go with Barclays you will only be required to fill in their bank application form or if you already hold an account with them, it is possible you could apply by telephone. For applications to the Royal Bank of Scotland you will likewise need to fill in their bank application form only. Applying to the Co-operative Bank, however, means not only completing their application form but also the DfES form.

Organisations to contact Career Development Loans CDLs (Career Development Loans) are a deferred repayment bank loan that allow people to pay for education and/or vocational learning.  Since they were introduced they have benefitted tens of thousands of people and helped to launch their careers. Men and women from various employment and educational backgrounds - unemployed, self-employed and employed - have been helped through this scheme which gives then the means to invest in learning.

Helpline: 0800 585 505

Opening Hours: CDL Information Line is open 8.00am to 10.00pm every day of the week

CEGNET In association with Connexions, CEGNET is national support programme website  for careers education and it provides online advice and careers information.

  This website provides:

A version of the CRCI (Connexions Resource Centre Index) which can be downloaded, and which replaces the CLCI (Careers Library Classification Index). It also gives information on Resources for careers and sources of advice. In addition there are briefings on aspects of  11-19 year olds career information, and a also a Contacts Directory - an inclusive reference guide aimed at employers, careers professionals and indeed parents.

Telephone: 020 8668 7278

Address: 5a Green Lane, Purley, Surrey, CR8 3PP.

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