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Everybody could fall into a difficult financial situation in their life; a job loss, bankruptcy, unexpected health problems, or other unanticipated emergencies. Many people believe that getting a personal loan when they have bad credit is next to impossible, but actually the opposite is true. You can be eligible for personal loans even if you have bas credit.

In fact, personal loans are one of the best option for those with bad credit and when used responsibly, can help you get through your difficult times. Of course, if you have a bad credit history, the loan terms offered may not be as attractive as others who have good credit history. Lenders will perceive those who have bad credit to be more risky borrowers and hence charge higher interest rate.

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There are two types of personal loans: secured and unsecured. Secured personal loan requires you to use your personal asset such as house or a car as collateral. If you choose this option (which is NOT advisable), make certain that you can pay back the loan on time otherwise you may lose your house or car if you default on your loan.

I believe the better option is the unsecured personal loan; it's less risky as you don't need to use your personal assets as collateral. If you default, the lenders will pursue legal action against you but they can't seize your property.

People take secured personal loans because they think that it's much easier to get approved. While this is true but it's not a good practice as you may lose your precious asset (as mentioned above). Also, the loan market is very competitive these days and this benefits the borrowers as more lenders are willing to help you get that loans; and make their approval process easier even for those who have bad credit.

Typically lenders will look at two main factors before lending to those with bad credit;

1. Have strong reason for needing the money and;

2. Have a good likelihood of repaying the loan.

For example, if a borrower has recently reemployed after a period of unemployment, the lender would be more willing to grant a personal loan to help that person consolidate his or her debt that was incurred during the period of unemployment.

As mentioned lenders tend to charge higher interest rate for people with bad credit; for that reason, you should shop around and do comparisons from different companies and find one that can offer you the best deal. Unsecured personal loans should be considered when money is needed for an emergency and bad credit needs to be restored.

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