Top 5 Loan Modification Questions

A mortgage loan modification can be an excellent option for you and your family depending on your personal situation. Mortgage companies are happy to try to lower your mortgage because it is beneficial to them, and it makes them look good to the public. Lenders need to get their mortgage portfolios performing once again, and to do so they must get their borrowers to start making monthly mortgage payments on their mortgages again. A borrower wants to pay, but if the payment is too high, or if they are unemployed or worst they can only do so much on their own.

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1. Can you explain a Loan Modification To me?
A mortgage loan modification is the process where a bank, mortgage company, or mortgage servicer take a mortgage loan that may be past due or current and they take try to lower the mortgage interest rate, and bring the loan current. They are not refinancing the mortgage, they are just modifying it to get it performing again, that is where a borrower starts to make regular payments again. The late charges, if any, are typically not included in the new modified loan. They will include attorney's fees, any outstanding mortgage payments, any corporate advances fees for taxes or insurance, any outstanding charges except late charges, and they put those amounts back into the unpaid principal balance while aiming to reduce the overall interest rate. They are no origination fees, closing costs, or refinance charges for a loan modification. This is not a refinance, even though there are some similarities. Many companies use to charge a loan modification fees to cover their costs, and some still do it. However, most are compensated well enough by the government mortgage stimulus programs that many of them no longer charge a loan modification fee.

2. Will my mortgage company modify my mortgage?
Your mortgage company will do their very best to modify your mortgage, but sometimes they are unable to do so. It is beneficial for a lender to modify a home loan, it is beneficial for a borrower to get a lower mortgage payment, and become current if again if they had fallen behind on their payments. Things that may prevent a mortgage company from modifying a mortgage could be things such as: an unemployed homeowner that has no way to pay if their loan is modified, a borrower that is too past due for their lender to work with them, or the home value is just to low in an area. These things can sometimes affect a borrower negatively when they are trying to modify their mortgage, but there is not guarantee it will stop a loan modification from occurring, and there are sometimes ways around these obstacles.

3. Do I have to be late on my payments to get help?
You can get loan modification help whether you are late or current with your mortgage payments. I have seen loans go to foreclosure auction, and then brought back from foreclosure auction and given back to a borrower as a modified mortgage loan. The possibilities are endless. In the past few years lenders were concentrating on modifying past due loans, but they do both past due and current mortgages these days.

4. Do I need to have a good hardship letter or reason?
A good hardship reason can help you stand out more against the masses when trying to modifying your mortgage. Just put down convincing reasons why you are in the current situation you are. We have a good hardship letter guide for anyone trying to modify their mortgage payments. There are some important points to follow when sending a hardship letter. Make it as formal as possible.

5. Can I do a Loan modification myself or do I need someone to assist me?
Anyone can apply for a loan modification on their own. I have spoken to a slew of homeowners that have used professional that wished they had not; whether it's the way they company or person they hired dodged their call, over charged them, or just took their money and ran. I have had also heard a some good stories too of borrowers being help really well by mortgage professionals. I am not going to give names of companies or individuals, but both good and bad exist as in anything else. Do your research if you are going to pay large amounts of money for something that is not guaranteed, the mortgage company makes the final decision to modify any mortgage. Professionals are usually experiences, and they talk the same jargons as other mortgage professionals do, plus they are more persistent than many homeowners that are not so familiar with the whole process. There are also loan modification guides available if you do not want to spend a lot of money to get a lower mortgage. We also have a terrific do it yourself loan modification guide. Anyone who follows the steps in a loan modification guide or manual can often complete a successful loan modification on their own. A professional is not a must, but they have a higher success rate than a borrower does.

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