A Guide To Career Development Loans

If you are finding your current vocation a bit dull and want a lift, or feel that you could do more in your current career, then perhaps you should look at getting a career development loan. Career loans can help you to learn more about

your career by helping to pay for your extra education. If you want to get ahead in your career and invest in learning, then here is some information to help you learn more about development loans.

What are career development loans?

Career Development Loans, or CDLs, were launched back in 1988 and are part of a government program to help people further their education so that they can improve their skills within their chosen vocation. They are available for people who are employed, self-employed and unemployed, as long as they meet the criteria.

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How do I apply?

Applying for a CDL is like applying for any other loan, in that you have to meet certain criteria in order to be accepted. If you are applying for a vocational course that lasts no longer than 2 years, or three years if part of the course is practical experience, then you could be eligible for a CDL. CDLs are available from a select few high street banks, and although you don't have to be a customer of theirs, you will probably need to open an account with them to receive the loan.

Deferred repayment

The main advantage of career development loans is that they are what are known as deferred loans. This is similar to a student loan, in that you only start making the repayments after the loan term has finished, which is generally just a

little more than the length of the course you are taking. During the loan term, the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) pays the interest, and then once the loan finished you repay the loan using a fixed rate of interest. Although

the rate can vary from lender to lender, they are generally lower than normal personal loans because they are part of a government initiative.

How much can I borrow?

In general you can borrow between £300 and £8,000, and the CDL can be used to pay up to 80% of course fees and 100% of associated expenses such as travel and materials. However, if you are unemployed the loan may be able to cover all of

the fees for your course.

Investing in your future

CDLs are a great way to invest in your future career and give you the skills that you need to progress further. Although you have to pay the loan back with interest, you will not be paying anything during your course, and the money that

you pay back should be countered by the extra wages you can earn with your new skills. However, as with any other loan you should make sure that it is right for you and that you will be able to make the repayments once you finish the course.

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