Fairy Tale? Personal Loans With No Credit Check, No Income Verification

You may have a large amount of unsettled debt and you are probably beside yourself after applying for loan after loan to bring those debts into a manageable unit. So-called instant lenders online are turning you down left and right.

Slipping Away

You may be on the verge of watching your financial situation slip away from your control because of your poor credit history. You may be at a crossroads where you are unable to fulfil your financial duties and it is affecting your family life and your career.

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Examine These Personal Lenders

Somehow, there are a lot of private lenders who are proffering loans to individuals without checking their credit or income level. We wonder what can be driving these lenders who are willing to grant substantial loans to borrowers who have poor credit histories and perhaps somewhat meager salaried positions.

Competition Drives the Industry

The financial market pertaining to loans is a highly competitive industry today and this has affected the U.S. greatly as many Americans have fallen to unemployment and unresolved debt. Of course, traditional brick and mortar institutions are becoming very choosy about the financial status of many before granting them loans. So, these lenders tend to not lend to those because of their poor credit scores and their low incomes, or none at all for those unemployed.

Inefficient Borrowers Skew the Market

As a result, the cost of loans among the private lenders as opposed to those who make traditional loans loom large. Of course, this brings higher interest rates to bear and this may result in financially strapped borrowers to not bear the cost. Of course, these inefficient borrowers may want to pay their loans but they cannot. So, unless there is collateral, such as a car or real estate, there is no lowering of the cost of the loan.

Lucrative Industry

Since the lending business is so richly endowed, many private lenders attract the potential borrowers by accepting online loan applications. Sure, they may offer such loans as available with no credit check or salary confirmation and these seem irresistible. This is especially true to the weak-sisters of the loan borrowers who happen to have low credit evaluations and not very good incomes. But still, these offer a referral to co-signer personal loans which is not as good.

Co-Signers Can Help

Of course, co-signer loans do not require credit checks or salary confirmations -- for the applier. But the co-signer is checked. Of course, the co-signer must have good credit and a decent salary. So, there goes the lie. Also what happens it that the co-signer has a very good salary and credit scores so the applier gets a large loan. More so than a neighbor in the same financial situation but not so good co-signer.

Necessary to Be Aware

Should a lender vehemently convince a loan applier that they are absolutely the best at offering a no-credit check loan which does not require salary verification, the applier should be aware. These are often scam artists looking to steal identity information. It is good to go with private lenders who are recognized by the Better Business Bureau.

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