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At one point in my life I was earning anywhere from $1200 to as much as $1800 a week as an ad Sales Representative for Bellsouth. I had excellent credit due to the fact that I was able to buy as many things as I wanted on credit and had no problem paying off what I owed at the end of the month. I did this as often as I wanted while employed at Bellsouth.

For the entire 5 years that I was at Bellsouth I never was concerned about money. Of course my job was stressful and being a top salesperson it was expected that I perform to the best of my abilities and was compensated very well for the stress I was taking on.

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Then one day I came into the office just like any other day. I remember it so clearly it was a very warm April morning and I as usual was one of the first employees to arrive at my desk. Nothing seemed unusual at that point.

I went into the break room and started my coffee and was greeted by my supervisor. Not that I look back she didn't chat with me as long as she normally would. It appeared as though she was forcing herself to be friendly to me. All that was said was, "Good morning."

I just shrugged it off as normal stress from her job and returned to my desk. I turned on my computer and noticed some of the IT personnel going from cubical to cubical which seemed a little strange so early in the morning but again I thought nothing of it.

I checked my emails and the only thing that stood out was a 10 am meeting in conference room. Usually we would have our meetings at 9 am but I noticed all the supervisors were meeting in the marketing directors office looking very serious.

At this point I felt that something was up. I saved my resume and emailed it to myself and erased all my personal documents on the computer. Employees were starting to arrive and I didn't want anyone to panic so I didn't mention what I saw to anyone.

At 10 AM the marketing director came into the conference room and told everyone what a good job we all had done during the past few years but the center was going to be closed. Everyone but myself was in shock. We were told we would be given a serverance package and to please return to our desks and immediately and we would need to leave the building since the closing was immediate and that boxes will be provided for anyone that needed them in the break room. We were told our severance paperwork would be on our desks and we were asked not to turn our computers back on.

Some people were in tears, yet some looked as though they were relieved since they didn't like the job anyway. I gathered my belongings, walked out and faced an uncertain future.

The good thing was I had severance money and would be able to collect unemployment.

After about a week of getting used to not having to go work and just relaxing around the house, I decided I would just collect unemployment and take a vacation. The vacation lasted about 3 months. In the meanwhile my bank account begin to dwindle and then some major repairs were needed all at the same time. Our hot water went out. A week later a tree in the backyard fell and crashed right in to our glass sliding door.

All the repairs started adding up as I ran up my charge accounts and drained my bank account.

Eventually all that was available was my unemployment money, so I started searching for a job. I sent out quite a few resumes only to find no one was interested in interviewing me.

I eventually found a job but made quite a bit less that what I was used to but at least it was steady money. My wife wasn't working so my salary wasn't enough to make ends meet.

I needed a loan and after several months of not paying my credit cards on time or at all, my credit began to suffer and I was very surprised to find out my credit score had dropped to 580.

I did some research and found out there were companies that did credit repair performed bad credit loans.

The company I contacted online was very professional and willing to assist me. They suggested I take a look at my credit reports to see if anything was on them that was affecting my credit scores.

I found out that I had a few small debts for less than $100 on my report that was affecting my score. I contacted those creditors to make an arrangement and the companies settled both debts for about $70 total for both.

Since I was earning much less money I needed to make extra money so I began to learn the business of credit repair and became a credit repair counselor in my spare time.

I eventually quit my low paying job and found steady employment and used a percentage of my salary to slowly pay my debts in small increments focusing on one at a time, paying it off, then rolling the money over to another bill and so on. After about 8 months my credit is now respectable and I can get loans whenever I need them.

If you need similar help with bad credit please get and locate a good credit repair counselor. It really works! Some companies allow you to get a Loan, Debt Consolidation Loan, Bad Credit Loan, Credit Repair, Mortgage and Refinancing once your credit has been cleared up.

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