The Nation's Foremost Business Credit Experts Speak Out on the Astronomical Unemployment Percentages

Seems most of the economic strategists are forecasting that we are at the end of this recession. They say we should expect economic activity to bottom out and then turn around gradually later in the year. However, businesses remain leery about hiring, driving the nation's unemployment rate up and causing "further sizable job losses" in the coming months. This is not the only cause of the increase of unemployment; the fact that there was a 49% increase in small business bankruptcies in 2008 should give you a bit more insight.

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"Small businesses are the force behind keeping this country alive and thriving. They are creating opportunity," said serial entrepreneur, business coach, and the Nation's foremost expert on business credit, Graig Zapper. " When we neglect to acknowledge the significance small businesses make on the economy, not only on a National level but on the global scale, we will never be able to create the long term solution for this recession. We are in a deep recession and I fear we only have been creating shallow solutions."

We, as a Nation of entrepreneurs, are good at being adaptable, so it's more important than ever to know the rules of the game. Funding for small businesses has dwindled; investors are still sitting on the sidelines with all of their money in fear. The only sign of relief comes from the US Government; the small business stimulus package.

"Education is the key to success in tough times," says co-owner of Zapper Credit Solutions and expert business credit strategist Susan Zapper. "Every entrepreneur and small business owner should know this piece of legislation like the back of their own hand."

The Small Business Stimulus Package outlines: $720 million to help support a number of programs at the SBA; $400 million in support for economic development and entrepreneurship, focusing on distraught low-income rural and urban communities; and several tax incentives for small businesses.

The Stimulus Package clearly outlines the role of the SBA. The SBA will ensure that small businesses can more easily get loans and will also offer incentives to lenders who will give loans to creditworthy small businesses. This act will ensure more capital flow in the market.

Susan Zapper goes on to say, "It will be hard for businesses to expand or even survive this downturn if they have not taken the steps to make themselves creditworthy now. Businesses and consumers alike need loans to make the purchases that could essentially revive the economy."

Graig and Susan Zapper co-founded Nevada State Corporate Network, Inc. and Zapper Credit Solutions, Inc. nearly ten years ago; both companies catering to entrepreneurs and small business owners. "We founded our businesses with the idea of creating a remedy to the abundance of small businesses closing their doors so soon after they had opened," Susan Zapper said, Graig Zapper goes on to say, "We had opened so many businesses and never had anyone explain the need to establish separate business credit, let alone help us build any of our businesses; we did everything by trial and error on our own."

"When we looked at several business models we found that the source of real and true business success was to have a real and true business; one that stands alone without being personally tied to the business owners' financials."

"Because both Graig and I are of the entrepreneurial spirit and have been working with other entrepreneurs and small business owners for over 25 years, we both saw how detrimental it was to co mingle business finances with personal finances." Susan Zapper goes on to say, "There are no laws or regulations set up to monitor business credit; not to mention, most people have no idea that they haven't set up their companies correctly in order to qualify for true business credit that is unattached to their personal credit."

This power couple definitely had insight.

Today, eight years later, businesses (no matter how old they are) will not qualify for funding from vendors or lenders without having a business profile and being creditworthy; small businesses will continue to fail and the rising of unemployment rates will continue unless entrepreneurs and small business owners take action now to get properly qualified to receive the bailout funds that will help them through this current crisis.

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