Mortgage Unemployment Insurance Explained

When most consumers think of insurance for their home, they are thinking of 3 traditional types of protection. Homeowners insurance protects the actual building, property, and contents against loss or damage, and may provide some liability protection. A product called private mortgage insurance, or PMI, is usually sold with a home mortgage, and it is used to make mortgage payments to the lender, and so, it protects the lender, and may be required by the loan company. Another product, called mortgage insurance, or mortgage life insurance, is actually a term life policy which is purchased to pay a home off if the borrower should pass away.

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However, many consumers want to protect their ability to pay their home mortgage off in case they should lose their job. So when they are looking for mortgage insurance or home insurance they are not looking for the traditional products at all! And some people are wised to be concerned, and to want to protect their homes. After all, US statistics show us that over one third of home foreclosures are caused by a loss of income. Furthermore, the numbers also tell us another thing. Most Americans will be unemployed a couple of times in their working lives. Since the loss of income can cause huge financial products, and since an unemployment period will happen to most of us, it is prudent to protect ourselves.

Many employees do qualify for state unemployment benefits, but the average amount of US state unemployment benefits is less than $400 a week. This is not enough money to keep most families current on their bills, mortgage, and other obligations, like putting groceries on the table.

Some workers plan to save so they can cover themselves during a period of job loss. And of course, we all should have a few months worth of income in the bank so temporary job losses do not ruin us financially. However, months of savings can get wiped out with one car repair or medical bill, and depleted savings do not always get replaced as quickly as they should. On the other hand, having a bill to pay ever month, for the security of knowing that cash will come in during a the time between jobs, works out better for many working people.

A supplemental or private layoff protection plan can provide peace of mind for a few dollars a month. It pays cash to the plan owner, so that person an use the money to pay the most urgent bills and obligations. The plan benefits the consumer, and not just the loan company. Many of the older credit protection plans are designed to only protect the lender by making payments on a loan or bill.

Some plans pay benefits of up to $2,000 a month, so this benefit can actually cover a mortgage, keep the electricity paid, and buy food for many people. If a person has a private layoff protection plan, they can choose to defer bills that are less urgent, and to pay those bills that need to be current every month. It is a consumer driven credit protection plan that pays cash to the plan member.

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